Residential Rehab Barcelona

Budget Rehab, Mid Range Prices and Luxury Rehab Options

We are passionate about Addiction rehabilitation

Rehab Barcelona has a very large team of English speaking Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Addiction Specialists.

Functional and Comfortable Accommodation

In all our clinic and treatment center locations we have accommodation styles to suit most budgets and needs. From basic and low priced to high luxury with private butlers there is something for everyone.

A Nice Balanced Temperature

Lots of our patients don't just choose us because of our outstanding reputation but also because all of our buildings have air conditioning so whether you have been outside swimming in the pool or you want to sit inside with a book you are never too warm or cold.

Lots to Enjoy in the Countryside

As the only licensed Equine Therapy center in Spain we have lots of horses available if you want to ride one. One of our rehab centers is located right in the center of a natural park so there is running, walking, hiking, fishing and just enjoying the fresh air of the countryside.

Standard Single Room€290Per Day

With everything you need from a TV, Air con, Central Heating and an En-Suite Bathroom the Standard Single Room has everything you need.

The treatment consists of a full week of group therapy session. some individual sessions, activities and rehabilitation..

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Panoramic Private Suite€450Per Day

With a very high standard of decoration and equipment the Panoramic Private Suite is always very popular.

With the panoramic suite you get all the group sessions you want but also many individual sessions with the Psychiatrists, Psychologists and therapists to help you cope with any of your issues.
Although the treatment is done in English and the Doctors speak English some of the group sessions are done in Spanish so we can supply your own personal translator at an extra cost.

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private vip drug rehab center in barcelona spain

Vip Drug Rehab Center€1000Per Day

Some of our patients come with their bodyguard, butler and from UAE they often bring their Nanny.

If you are looking for multi room private accommodation for your drug rehab, alcohol rehab or general behavioral issues we can satisfy every need right on the outskirts of Barcelona in our self contained Vip rehab center.

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Detox, Rehabilitation and ongoing Therapy

As a licensed hospital and having 5 units across Barcelona we are known as no.1 in the industry.

  • medical drug and alcohol detox in Barcelona

    Medical Detox in our Private Hospital

    After 30 years of treating every kind of addiction you can imagine we have successfully detoxed thousands of people. We try our very best to make this as comfortable and painless process as possible so you can start your recovery quicker.

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Barcelona

    Rehabilitation and Wellness

    The detox is just the first part and after the initial cleaning out of your system we will need to check if you have damaged your body so we can do a biochemical restoration. You will also be able to start your exercise and learn to eat right..

  • Mental Health Therapy and Coping Treatment in Barcelona

    Therapy and Coping Strategy

    As well as wellness of your body there is lots of therapy to be done and we have lots of different ways of creating a coping strategy..

  • Online Therapy 24 hours a day

    Online Rehabilitation Tracker

    When you have left us we like to stay close to you, so we have our online portal where you can login and stay in touch. You will never be alone in your ongoing recovery because we are always available by phone, video chat or online if you cant come and see us.

high standard of care in barcelona addiction clinic

We always strive to give a very high standard of care to every person who walks through our doors

Some of our clients fly from abroad so we even have an airport to bed transfer service at very low extra cost..

"98% Patient Satisfaction"

Over the last 30 years we have constantly been working to improve our quality and standard of detox to rehabilitation.

Currently we have a 98% satisfaction rate in our anonymous surveys when our patients leave the centers.